Interior AT Design "recently completed space planning and interior design of our new and expanded Encino Kumon Learning Center. [The firm] was selected for the assignment after we interviewed three other interior designers. The decision was based because of [their] fresh perspective for design, and [their] ability to fully comprehend our needs as well as Kumon corporate requirements. The overall project included demolish and build for relocating the business into a new suite with 50% greater square footage. There was a short deadline for space planning and stringent corporate requirements for design elements that had worked for us, as well as new corporate requirements to ensure timely completion of the project. [Interior AT Design] was available during the entire construction process. We were able to meet the deadline for the ribbon cutting ceremony and now have moved to the new location. The space planning and design are working well. Overall, I am very pleased.
Clara L.T., Director of Encino Kumon Learning Center
Encino Kumon Learning Center (Commercial Project)
Great design! INTERIOR AT DESIGN helped me to improve my business interior, customize the space, separate private and public areas, improve appearance, and maximize storage space. They worked with colors, surface finishes, and overall design of the interior. Amazing job! Fast, beautiful, and to my specifications.
Commercial Project Client
Love it! I hired Tatyana in May, 2013. She is very professional, talented and knowledgeable interior designer. She is awesome. I gained so much valuable information from her. I will definitely recommend her to all my family and friends. Trying to figure out exactly what direction I was trying to go over when it came to decorating, Tatyana, help me make my vision come through.
Residential Project Client